Sports Water Bottles BPA FREE

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Sports and Fitness Water Bottles | Top Anti-Spill Cover | Rope Handle | 2 sizes | 5 colors | Food Grade PC Materials | No BPA | Strong Impact Resistance.

Hydration Bottle for Health and Well-being. For Training, Hiking, Sports, Exercise, Gym, Yoga, Palates, Anti-Dehydration Vitality.  



  • Quality Stylish Sports Fitness Water Bottles.
  • PC Food Grade Material - ( No BPA ).
  • Safe Non-Toxic Material.
  • Strong Impact Resistant Quality.
  • Anti-Spill Top Cover and Seal.
  • Rope Handle for Portable Use.
  • Hot Water Heat Resistant Applicable.
  • 2 Sizes - 400mls/13.5oz and 560mls/19oz.
  • 5 Color Preferences - Blue - Green - Pink - Purple - Grey.


  • Size Option - 400mls/13.5oz Bottle - 64mm/2.52" x 178mm/7.00".
  • Size Option - 560mls/19oz Bottle - 64mm/2.52" x 230mm/9.05".


Hydration is one of the most important forms of vitality, health and well-being. Use for water, ice cubes, nutritional detox drinks, lemon drinks, super greens, teas, electrolyte drinks. A great way to monitor your fluid intake and hydration.   



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