Temperature & Humidity Alarm Clock

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Temperature Gauge | Humidity Gauge | Digital Clock | All in One | Desktop or Wall Hanging for Indoor use.

Digital Clock, Temperature and Thermo-Hygrometer monitor. Humidity 10 to 99%, Temperature max 70 Celsius/158 Fahrenheit.   



  • Quality Digital Thermo - Temperature - Alarm Clock.
  • 1 x AAA 1.5v Battery Operated (Battery not Included).
  • Max Temperature Range (70 Celsius/158 Fahrenheit).
  • Min Temperature Range (-10 Celsius/14 Fahrenheit).
  • Thermo Hygrometer Humidity Range (10 to 99%).
  • Digital Alarm System - Clock and Weather Monitor.
  • Color - Grey/Black and White.


  • Size - 92mm/3.6" x 84mm/3.3" x 20mm/0.79"  .
  • Weight 100g.
  • Material Durable & Strong ASB.


Easy setup indoor wall or desktop clock-alarm and weather temperature monitor in one.

Easy to read and adjust, mobile, battery operated. Accurate Thermo Hygrometer Humidity and Temperature System.



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