Dog Collar Heavy Duty Leads

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Dog Collars | Heavy Duty Leads | Durable Nylon Dog Leads & Collar Sets For Small & Large Dogs. Study & Strong Leash Chain & Collar.

Durable & strong nylon rope leashes with solid chain links. Easy to fit collar with attachable leash nickel-plated swivel bolt snap hook.



  • Quality Nylon Dog Leads & Collar Sets.
  • Durable & Strong Nylon Lead & Chain Links.
  • Easily Attachable Nylon Collar & Chain links.
  • Easy Fitting Swivel Bolt Snap Hook.


  • Size Options - Small - Medium - Large - X-Large.
  • 15 color preferences, see side images & drop down color preferences. Read below for size options, collar and lead thickness to suit your dog.
  • Leash Lead Length - 1.2m/3.93'.
  • Leash Lead Thickness - (Small - 12mm/0.47") - (Medium - 15mm/0.59") - (Large - 20mm/0.78") - (XLarge - 25mm/0.98"). 
  • Collar Neck Sizes - (Small - 25cm/9.84" to 30cm/11.81") - (Medium - 30cm/11.81" to 40cm/15.74") - (Large - 40cm/15.74" to 50cm/19.68") - (XLarge - 50cm/19.68" to 60cm/23.62").


Easy and fast fitting and for small, medium and large dogs. Dogs love outings enthusiasm, getting fit and being active for pet health and wellness.



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