Drivers Night & Day Anti-Glare Eyewear

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Drivers Eyewear | Night & Day Driving Earwear | Anti-Glare Polarized Lenses | Decrease Car Light Glare And Increase Clarity And Vision. Drivers Protection 100% UV400 Polaroid Clarity Eyewear. 

Polaroid Eyewear, lightweight aluminum durable and strong frames. Polarized anti-glare anti-fatigue specialty eyewear.



  • Polarized Eyewear For Night & Day Driving.
  • Day & Night Vision Anti-Glare Anti-Fatigue Eyewear.
  • 100% UV400 - Anti-Reflective Increased Clarity.
  • Tough Durable Impact Resistant Material.
  • Light Weight Aviation Alloy/Magnesium Frames.
  • Anti-Glare - Anti Radiation - Sports Quality.
  • Nose Padding & Spring Hinges Mechanisms.
  • 100% UV400 Polaroid, 9 Layer, 95% Light Filter Lenses.


  • 5 Color Preferences - (Night Time Driving Polarized Yellow Lenses) - Black & Yellow Lens - Silver & Yellow Lens - Gold & Yellow Lens.

    Color Preferences - (Day & Night Time Driving Polarized Green & Yellow Lenses) - Black & Green/Yellow Lens - Silver & Green/Yellow Lens.

  • Frame Sizes - (137mm/5.39" - Wide) x (40mm/1.57" - High) x (Lens Width - 62mm/2.44").
  • Maintenance - avoid acid-base and high moisture environments, salt-water & cleaning chemicals. Clean with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild soap on a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water & dry with a soft fine bristle brush or soft dry cloth. Store in a clean dry place when not in use.


Take out the glare that interferes with your vision while driving, allowing clearer sight. Less strain, less stress, and clearer focus that minimizes fatigue and headaches.  



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