Electric Salt & Pepper Grinding Mill

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Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Mill. Stainless Steel Push Button Grinder For Coarse Salt, Pepper Corns, Spice Corns, etc. Quick And Easy User-Friendly Push Button Grinding Mill. 

Quality stainless steel non-corrosive wear resistant grinding mill. Makes grinding fun, fast and so much easier.  



  • Fine Grinding Electric Salt, Pepper, And Spice Mill.
  • Easy Push Button For Table And Cooking Use.
  • Chef Quality Stainless Steel Cylinder.
  • Easily Removable Base For Filling.
  • Adjustable Base Screw for Changing the Grind Size.
  • Clear View Cylinder Window For Quantity Levels.
  • Stainless Steel Prestige Admired Design.


Size - (220mm/8.66" Tall) x (52mm/2.04" Wide).

Battery Operated - (4 x AA Batteries Required) - (Batteries Not Included).

Anti Corrosive Stainless Steel Wear Resistant Cylinder.


Easy push-button electric milling system. Adjustable grind size and powerful grind operation. Can fill with coarse-salt, peppercorns or spice-corns for fast and convenient ease of use. Looks great for stunning table accessories, dinner parties, and chef and cooking needs. 



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