Shoulder Posture Correction Belt

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Shoulder Posture Alignment Belt | Back & Neck Posture Support | Muscular Skeletal Structure Alignment | Health and Wellness Posture Support.

Posture training re-alignment for shoulder, neck and back muscular skeletal system. Wear under clothing, use at home or work, for computer use, sitting and daily activities. Adjustable Velcro Straps And Washable Quality. 



  • Shoulder Neck Back Alignment Posture Belt.
  • Posture Training For Muscular Skeletal System.
  • Wearable Under Or Over Clothing.
  • For Home, Work, Sitting or Daily Activities. 
  • Washable & Breathable Permeable Material.
  • Material - Non-woven - Velcro Straps - Non Elastic.
  • 2 Sizes - Medium & Large With Adjustable Strapping.


  • Color - (Black) Brace Support and Straps.
  • Size Option - Medium - (735mm/29" to 980mm/39") Chest Size.
  • Size Option - Large - (960mm/38" to 1240/49") Chest Size. 


Training belt for re-correction of shoulders neck, back alignment. Adjustable posture straps to suit your size. Correct muscular skeletal postural alignment can help reduce back pain and long term issues.



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